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Self Defense Global Sara M.

My son has attended Self-Defense Global since he was 4 and he's now a kindergartener. In addition to the physical benefits, he's learned self-discipline, respect for himself and others, the ability to concentrate, to listen, and to follow directions. Eric, the owner, is great at talking to and working with all ages of kids, coming from all different places. I highly recommend Self-Defense Global KC. (They also have birthday parties there, which was a huge hit with my son and his friends.)

Sara M.

Self Defense Global Sarang K.

I actually only stopped here for a graduation ceremony for a friend's kid who went from a white belt to one with a yellow stripe. But it was amazeballs. It was amazing to see the kids discipline and enthusiasm for something. This is the kind of place where kids learn respect for self, peers, and elders as well as the skills for self-defense and other martial arts.

Sarang K.

Self Defense Global Mike Klemish

Krav Maga (Contact Combat) is the best martial art I've seen, Very practical, and direct. The owner's and instructors are just great people too! Highly recommended.

Mike Klemish

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