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Eric Siley

Eric Siley is the owner and chief instructor and is entering his 32nd year of martial arts and self-defense training. He started Karate training in the mid-80s, as soon as he was old enough to drive himself to lessons. He’s never stopped learning, and there is always more to learn.

Eric has a background in Korean, Japanese, and Filipino martial arts. He’s competed and coached as a boxer, kickboxer and MMA athlete.

In 2000, he wanted to take the next step in his training began to explore “reality-based self-defense.” In 2001, he attended the first Krav Maga seminar offered at the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City, MO, and has been training and later teaching Krav Maga ever since.

For the next 10 years, Mr. Siley spent most of his vacation time attending Krav Maga instructor certification courses and gained experience teaching practical self-defense at one of the largest Krav Maga schools in the Midwest. He earned his civilian Krav Maga Black Belt in 2010.

Eric’s original Krav Maga instructors in the early 2000s were the first-generation U.S. black belts. He’s studied every branch of the Krav Maga tree available - the curriculum taught by mainstream U.S.-based organizations, as well as what is taught to the IDF in Israel.

For over 6 years, Mr. Siley has owned a successful martial arts and Krav Maga school in the Kansas City, Missouri area, and still actively teaches and trains as much as possible.

He is a graduate of the University of Kansas, and spent 15 years in the technology sector as a consultant and executive. Eric made a serious career change because he’s happiest when he’s teaching and training.

Eric is passionate about helping good people learn to be stronger and safer. This training can change lives… and save lives. And it can do that for you too.

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