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September, 2018 - Updates and Events


A note on Positive Self-Image - As martial artists, we measure ourselves and others based upon what we do, not just what we think or believe in the moment. It all starts with a question - “What have I accomplished? How am I or anyone else better off through my actions?"

Our Youth Quality of Champions is Speed - Speed to decide, relative speed in competition compared to a training partner or opponent, and explosive speed in our individual technique. 

Billing Requests - Please bring any billing issues to the front desk or communicate through e-mail. We want to be responsive, but have missed things that were sent by text or Facebook Messenger. You deserve good service, and direct communication in person or by phone ensures you get it.


September Calendar of Events:


September 12th-13thBBE Sheets Due on POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE

September 15th - 10:00am-4:00pm SDGKC Adult Krav Maga Curriculum Review. We will have a single, combined youth class at 9:00am to accommodate this special seminar.
September 22nd – Adult Krav Maga Testing
September 26th -27th Youth Stripe Test on SPEED
September 29th -  Youth Graduation 11:00am-12:30pm


Saturday, September 15th - Adult Krav Maga Curriculum Review


We have blocked Saturday, September 15 for Krav Maga Brown/Black belt testing. Here’s the situation: I’ve made many changes to the base curriculum in the past 12 months.


I’d like to use this day for a full curriculum review. I plan to recognize the first SDG brown and black belts in calendar year 2018, and the criteria for passing will be part of this training day.

The cost of this seminar is $100 for the day. We will start at 10:00am, have lunch together, and finish no later than 4:00pm.

  • Revised SDG basic self-defense
  • The SDG Training Progression
  • Revised weapon defense (gun, stick, knife, mixed)
  • Revised ground fighting curriculum (What’s in, what’s out, and the order
  • Revised striking curriculum
  • Revised weapon curriculum and sparring - knife, stick, gun, mixed weapons


Saturday, September 22 - Adult Krav Maga Checkpoint





Our adult Krav Maga checkpoints are longer format classes in which individual performance is evaluated for rank in Krav Maga, for levels 1 through 3.

Testing and certification is included in all membership programs.


Fall 2018 Youth Graduation

Saturday, September 29th – 11:00am-12:30pm


Saturday, September 29, we will host a graduation ceremony for our youth program students, ages 3-12.  Check your stripes, as students who will be graduating should have 4 stripes by now!

Graduation will include awarding new belts, recognizing individual achievement, martial arts demonstration, instructor demonstration…and board breaking. Friends and family are invited!

Black Belt testing will begin Friday, September 28th as early as we can have all eligible students get started with the test!


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