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Fall Krav Maga Testing

Congratulations to a group that did a tough 3 hour (3.5 hour) Krav Maga evaluation. Everyone worked hard, showed grit, and most importantly - demonstrated real self-defense capability without hurting their training partners. Here’s the list, with a quick thought about each.


Level 1 - Amanda Lacy - Hours on the mat + Talent = Rapid Advancement
Level 1 - Ryan Vogel  - Very solid martial arts platform, able to apply it all within Krav Maga

Level 1 - Andrew Sharp - Bridged the gap between the Boy and Man standards


Level 3 - Daron Jones - Closed the gap for Technique to match Athleticism
Level 3 - Travis Emerson - Showed Toughness to match Skill
Level 3 - Aidan Siley - Wasn’t my call, will be 20+ years ahead of me by age 40…


Special thanks to Black Belt candidates Mandy Hilsabeck and Jeff Rabideaux. This test was part of their black belt evaluation within calendar year 2018.

Our next Krav Maga checkpoint is December 8, and the event is up and ready for registration - set your goal and let’s do it before the holidays!



Ambush & Surprise Attacks - Recap from Week of 9/17!

  • Untrained vs Untrained - Shouldn’t be AS surprised
  • Visual Threat Assessment - While moving among unknown individuals
  • Control & Contact Procedure - What to say to keep distance, avoid “interview before ambush.”
  • Pre-emptive Striking - Big 3
  • Body Language Indicators - Useful for professionals who frequently contact dangerous individuals, humans have predictable precursors to violence
  • Express Interview Guide - A few non-emotional tools for determining true/false
  • Caution - Body language indicators, proxemics, face/eye movement are affected by stress, nothing is 100%


Special SDG Reference is available online or through eric@selfdefenseglobal.com


Adult Class Theme for This Week of 9/24- KNOCKOUT

A knockout is the most explosive, decisive way to win a match in combat sports - and all of sports.
A knockout is the fastest way to end any dangerous self-defense situation - when it’s justified.
Knockout power comes from speed, accuracy, and timing.


This week, I’ll be working with all of our adults on how, specifically you can improve the likelihood you could knock out an attacker in a real self-defense situation.

  • The highest percentage knockout shots - looking at the data!
  • The best knockouts I’ve done, seen done, and had done to me. (ouch)
  • Common Krav Maga “bad habits” that prevent knockouts
  • A quick, individual “before and after” checkpoint for you


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