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Our Kids Martial Arts Program Offers Age-Specific Training And A Wide Range Of Skills

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At Self Defense Global, we do Kids Martial Arts just a little bit different. Our program offers age-specific instruction for students as young as 3 and focuses primarily on establishing functional skills in your child that can apply in all aspects of life. 

Led by Eric Siley, a Krav Maga Black Belt, these Kids Martial Arts classes combine aspects of Krav Maga, submission grappling, Kickboxing, and youth weapons training. And, of course, every class makes character development a priority.

Give your child the best chance to grow with our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Kansas City. You'll see the difference on day one. 

For Any Age And Any Skill Set, Our Kids Martial Arts Program Has Something For Every Child In Kansas City! 

Not only is it intimidating to group a wide age range of students into one class - it can be outright dangerous. That's why we offer age-specific Kids Martial Arts training where your child can be surrounded by classmates of their same age and experience level.

Self Defense Global Kids Martial Arts Classes include:

Tiny Champs (Ages 3-4): Our most basic instruction, the Tiny Champs program helps your little one have fun making new friends and learning the fundamentals like balance, coordination, and how to follow directions. This class is fun, safe, and structured. 

Krav Kids (Ages 5-7): We introduce our Krav Kids to the basic movements and strategies of Krav Maga. We maintain a lighthearted environment where students can have fun and stay excited. Every child is challenged with exciting lessons and activities. 

Youth Krav Maga (Ages 8-12): In our Youth Krav Maga program, students are given the chance to progress through the discipline with increasingly difficult maneuvers and hands-on instruction every step of the way. Your child can start as a complete beginner and walk away with incredible functional tools in no time.

Teen Krav Maga (Ages 13-17): The Teen Krav Maga at Self Defense Global tackles important issues in your teen's life like peer pressure and bullying. We build students up through a series of accomplishments and give them effective self-defense strategies for the most extreme situations only. 

From Day One, Your Child Can Build A Foundation Of Skills For All Aspects Of Life

We work hard to help students develop the physical tools needed to succeed in the martial arts - but we also offer so much more.

Our Kids Martial Arts program is designed to help students thrive with dedicated instruction and individualized attention. We surround your child with a great group of role models and challenge them to persevere through anything life throws their way. 

We're helping students across Kansas City and beyond develop:

  • Leadership and communication strategies
  • Unwavering respect for others
  • Discipline, focus, and attention to detail
  • Incredible self-confidence in everything they do 

Check It Out For Yourself Today! Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Are Perfect For Students All Across Kansas City!

Don't miss out on the chance to help your child thrive. At Self Defense Global, we are offering the highest quality martial arts instruction in all of Kansas City and we're excited to share it with your family today!

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