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There simply is no substitute for effective self-defense strategies in the face of real-world danger. And at Self Defense Global, we're offering you Kansas City's most comprehensive instruction with cutting-edge Krav Maga classes led by Black Belt Eric Siley. 

Master the art of basic combatives, armed and unharmed threats, and strategies for law enforcement and military application.

We offer expert Krav Maga Classes because your safety matters. Get started today!

At Self Defense Global, Or Krav Maga Classes Go Above And Beyond

Krav Maga is sweeping the world as the most effective way for everyday men and women to defend themselves. But our goal every day is to stand out from the rest and offer instruction that is a step ahead of the curve.

Our Krav Maga Classes in Kansas City can prepare you for any dangerous situation and help you react with speed, power, and efficiency. Whether you're a complete beginner or a veteran of self-defense, we've got the training you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Self Defense Global is helping you:

  • React to a threat at a moment's notice
  • Maintain an awareness of your surroundings at all times
  • Rely on functional movements and instinctual defense strategies
  • Stay in control from start to finish

Krav Maga is the answer to the fast-paced nature of real-world altercations. Don't get caught off guard.

Push Your Body Like Never Before

What good is your training if it's not teaching you, too? Our Krav Maga Classes are built first and foremost for safety and self-defense, but in that effort, we put you through a system of workouts that can produce results like you've never seen. 

Challenge every muscle in your body and push through the limitations that once held you back. Krav Maga is a mental and physical beast and it will leave you feeling more accomplished than ever before. 

Join us in Kansas City and enjoy: 

  • Rapid fat burn and total-body toning
  • Incredible strength and power gains
  • Boosted athleticism and agility
  • Absolute self-confidence in everything you do

Take The First Step Today. Learn More About The Best Krav Maga Classes In Kansas City! 

Don't wait until it's too late. Push your mind and body with us and walk away more prepared for all of life's challenges. Our Krav Maga Classes make your workouts more impactful than ever before. Join us at Self Defense Global in Kansas City and see the difference for yourself. 

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