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Hi, I'm Chief Instructor Eric Siley. I've trained with the leading martial artists and self-defense experts in the world. I'm passionate about teaching adults and kids how to be Stronger and Safer. Get my free training guide to martial arts in the Kansas City area here.

We Offer More

More coaching with smaller class sizes. A training system that includes all ranges and skills needed to be safer - for an adult defending the home or family, or a young child being bullied at school. Training methods and approaches that are current, safe, and get rapid results.

From our professional Krav Maga Classes to our cutting-edge Kids Martial Arts Training, we go all-out in everything we do. Our school is home to one of Kansas City's only Krav Maga Black Belts and our classes are capped to ensure you receive hands-on instruction.

With us, the status quo is simply not enough. We're offering you the region's most comprehensive training and we do it all in a clean, safe, and supportive environment. Our goal is to help you thrive from day one, whether you're a complete beginner or an accomplished athlete.

Check us out today and see the difference our training can have on your life.

we offer group and private training in:

  • Kids Karate and Mixed Martial Arts Classes - Ages 3 through Teen
  • Adult Krav Maga Classes - Israeli Self-Defense
  • Adult Martial Arts Classes - Mixed Martial Arts for Self-Defense
  • Modern Weapons Training - Knife, Stick, Gun

Offering kansas city's most complete martial arts training programs - delivered in a safe, clean, friendly environment

The Force Multiplier

Our program uses proven methods that get results for our students - with over 70 years of testing and refinement of techniques in the field - the battlefield, streets, and school yard. Our methods are used by more than 500 military and law enforcement organizations.

The Right Balance

Our membership is 50% youth, 50% adults, with separate classes providing the right instruction for every age and level of experience. We are a serious self-defense school that is also a family school where kids are welcome and have great role models.

Personal Growth

Our adult programs include many people who have to use their skills in the line of duty. Character is key across our programs, and our youth program produces excellent young martial artists with outstanding behavior. Our training changes lives for the better.

now is the time

Now is the time to start your own training, or to help a young person you care about learn to start setting goals and building an advantage in life. Trying martial arts and self-defense training at Self-Defense Global KC will be one of the best decisions you ever make. 

We cap our class sizes and enrollment and have limited windows to enroll in trials. Even though we have a waiting list, we welcome your questions and can help you reach your goals.

Kids Karate & Mixed Martial Arts

Adult Krav Maga - Israeli Self-Defense

Adult Mixed Martial Arts for Self-Defense

Modern Weapons Training

Discover how to find the perfect martial arts program in Kansas City for you or your child

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