Krav maga ​​enrollment

​​We charge a one-time $99 initial equipment & facility fee to cover contact training gear that must be replaced yearly. If you enroll online or ​in person ​within 10 days of starting, this fee is waived.


​adult training programs


Basic: ​1 Day/Week


  • ​1 session/week
  • ​Required for private training

Secure Payment.

​Krav maga basic

​Basic: 2 Days/Week


​Regular training program including group classes and internal seminars. Goal is self-defense proficiency

  • ​2 classes per week
  • ​Adult Krav Maga
  • Adult Conditioning Program

Secure Payment.

​Advanced training group

​Basic/Advanced UNLIMITED


​Advanced training program including group classes, internal seminars, special content.

Goal is self-defense expertise

  • ​Unlimited regular classes
  • ​Advanced Training Classes
  • check
    ​Submission Grappling
  • check
    ​Contact Kickboxing
  • Weapons Program

Secure Payment.

>> Save yourself $99 by enrolling online or in person within 10 days of your first class! >>


​We're available to help in person or online with any questions you have about enrollment. It takes under 5 minutes, and online enrollment is available 24X7

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