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Karate Classes for Kids Teach Focus

Martial Arts for Today’s Kids“I want my child to learn to focus.” For over fifty years, parents have sought Karate classes for kids in order to teach focus, respect, and discipline, but how do martial arts classes do this? For more than ten years, Self-Defense Global KC has been teaching martial arts for kids in […]

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Preschool Martial Arts

Preschool Martial Arts Preschool Martial Arts Program My First Sports Activity!  We’re often the first coaches our students have besides Mom and Dad. Our Tiny Champs Karate and Martial Arts for Preschoolers starts training at ages 3-4, as soon as kids are our of diapers. We teach kids using the same methods Master Wu from Ninjago and Master […]

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Kansas City Anti-Bullying Classes in the News

As we enter the 2019-2020 school year, our focus is on preparing our students for academic success, making new friends, and all of the responsibilities that come with the next grade at school. Our BullyProof! anti-bullying program teaches a martial arts-inspired way of dealing with potential bullies that has been proven to be effective without kids […]

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