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Karate and mixed martial arts for kids

Our Kids Martial Arts Program Offers Age-Specific Training and a Wide Range of Skills

At Self Defense Global, we do Kids Martial Arts just a little bit differently. Our program offers age-specific instruction for students as young as 3 and focuses primarily on establishing functional skills in your child that can apply in all aspects of life. 

Self-Defense Global - Empowering Lives Through the Martial Arts

Led by Eric Siley, a Krav Maga Black Belt, these Kids Martial Arts classes combine aspects of Krav Maga, submission grappling, Kickboxing, and youth weapons training. And, of course, every class makes character development a priority.

Give your child the best chance to grow with our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Kansas City. You'll see the difference on day one. 

Kids Martial Arts Classes

Tiny Champs - Ages 3-4

Our most basic instruction, the Tiny Champs program helps your little one have fun making new friends and learning the fundamentals like balance, coordination, and how to follow directions. This class is fun, safe, and structured. 

Krav Kids - Ages 5-7

We introduce our Krav Kids to the basic movements and strategies of Krav Maga. We maintain a lighthearted environment where students can have fun and stay excited. Every child is challenged with exciting lessons and activities. 

Youth Krav Maga - Ages 8-12

In our Youth Krav Maga program, students are given the chance to progress through the discipline with increasingly difficult maneuvers and hands-on instruction every step of the way. Your child can start as a complete beginner and walk away with incredible functional tools in no time.

Teen Krav Maga - Ages 13-17

The Teen Krav Maga at Self Defense Global tackles important issues in your teen's life like peer pressure and bullying. We build students up through a series of accomplishments and give them effective self-defense strategies for the most extreme situations only. 

For Any Age And Any Skill Set, Our Kids Martial Arts Program Has Something For Every Child In Kansas City! 

We work hard to help students develop the physical tools needed to succeed in the martial arts - but we also offer so much more.

Our Kids Martial Arts program is designed to help students thrive with dedicated instruction and individualized attention. We surround your child with a great group of role models and challenge them to persevere through anything life throws their way. 

Here are just of a few things our students start showing early in training:

  • Leadership & Communication Strategies - How to work with others safely, productively, in front of a group
  •  Unwavering Respect - For self, and others. How to demonstrate and earn respect through responsible behavior
  • Discipline - Focus and attention to detail that is internal rather than imposed
  • Confidence - Incredible confidence in abilities and desire to achieve that is earned, not given

The martial arts way is to make small improvements every class, which add up to huge improvement over the course of months and years. 

BUT - parents start seeing these benefits within just a few weeks of training.

Try our low cost, zero risk trial program today.

Try our training, and you'll see results in hours - not days, months, or years. We limit our school and class size to offer the highest quality. Trial program spaces are limited and often fill up for the week and month. Grab your spot today so you don't miss out!

Success Jumpstart for Kids

2 Lesson Trial

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It:

I have been a police officer for fifteen-plus years and wish this was available fifteen years ago!

“This training has truly changed my life! I have been a police officer for 15 plus years and wish this was available 15 years ago! This program will teach how to defend yourself but it will also teach you confidence and peace.

Knowing that you could protect yourself and family if needed is a great feeling..

MICHAEL SCHNEIDER  //  Police Officer

When it comes to the realistic and effective nature of the movements, along with the underlying philosophy, it's unmatched.

“Over the years, I've become increasingly convinced that we all bear a responsibility to look out for the well-being of others. With that responsibility comes the necessity of improving and protecting ones ability to respond when life is threatened.

That's where the techniques of Self-Defense Global Krav Maga win the day. I began this program and immediately understood the strengths of this system. When it comes to the realistic and effective nature of the movements, along with the underlying philosophy, it's unmatched.

Additionally, this Krav Maga system is designed to be easily taught, which has made it possible for me to train individuals, working for an international non-profit NGO, to be safe and prepared when faced with physical threats. I highly recommend this program.

DOUG RICHEY  //  Pastor & Missouri State Representative

The Changing Face of Childhood

"Things were different when I was a kid." Every parent has said that, and I'm no different. There are many ways in which the current generation has more opportunity; a greater chance to succeed. The world is also a smaller, always-connected place with more pitfalls than ever for kids.

As a parent, we all agree we want our kids educated, to treat others well, and to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and trouble.

We hear and tell stories about what kids are doing these days, but let's check the facts and take a look at academics, treatment of others, and substance use.


1 in 4 high school students fail to graduate on time. Cheating and plagiarism are common


1 in 4 kids are bullied at school. While many types of violence are down, the teen suicide rate has spiked


Almost half of high school students have tried drugs. Over half of them have tried alcohol at least once


Numbers like this hit way too close to home, Our kids need to be stronger - physically, mentally, and to have the character to embrace the good and refuse the bad. There's a way to do this that has worked for thousands of years, and they aren't going to learn it at school.

Martial Arts: Building a Strong Foundation for Life

Martial arts were originally designed and trained to learn how to fight. A funny thing happened, though: when young people were sent to train with masters, they returned more confident, more focused, disciplined - and more ethical.

Here's what was learned: Perfection of movement leads to perfection of character. 

It's probable that your child will have to use some kind of physical self-defense against a bully. It's a certainty that the character traits learned during training will give your son or daughter an advantage - an edge that will follow him or her throughout life. 

Here are just a few of the life skills Self-Defense Global teaches in our martial arts classes:


Martial Arts teaches SETTING and GETTING goals through earning awards and belts - Earned recognition


REAL confidence is respect earned from one's self based upon ABILITIES and ACCOMPLISHMENTS - not popularity or how many "likes"


Martial Arts teaches positive attitude by pushing mental and physical limits, and developing a NO QUITTING outlook on everything we do. 

How to Try Kids Martial Arts

Everyone starts the same way, and beginners are always welcome and made to feel welcome in each and every class. Many times, we are a child's very first coach besides Mom and Dad. We offer a low cost, low commitment, no-risk way of trying us out. Here's how to get started:


Book Your Trial online from our registration link. Enrollment is not always open. After purchasing a trial package, you'll be taken to our scheduler automatically - it's automated and easy! 


Schedule Your Class and look for free gifts from us online, and a reminder text on your first day of training.


Set and Reach a Goal. Within 2 weeks, your child will have earned his or her first martial arts belt, and one stripe on the way to the next goal!

Eric Siley  //  Founder & Chief Instructor

I'm a life-long martial artist. I started my training in 1986, after watching every martial arts movie I could get my hands on, and dealing with bullies.

Unfortunately, I've had to use my training in life and death situations. This led me to find the most effective training available - Krav Maga. Twenty years later, I'm one of the most experienced Krav Maga instructors in the U.S. - and regularly teach the public at my school.

I love teaching self-defense, and love seeing the positive impact training has on kids - starting at age three. I'm proud of the discipline, focus, respect, and confidence my students show - at our academy, home, and at school.

Eric Siley

What Others Are Saying:

This is the most refined, up-to-date self-defense system available, and everyone from a complete beginner to an instructor can get something out of this.

I have competed in MMA, kickboxing, and submission grappling. You can’t beat Krav Maga for learning self-defense quickly, but all programs are not the same.

This is the most refined, up-to-date self-defense system available, and everyone from a complete beginner to an instructor can get something out of this. I highly recommend Self-Defense Global KC.

SPENCER MOORE  //  U.S. Army - 82nd Airborne

The training is focused and realistic, the instruction is stellar, and all of it is totally worth the time and money involved.

This training has met and greatly exceeded my expectations. The training is focused and realistic, the instruction is stellar, and all of it is totally worth the time and money involved.

I have so much more strength, confidence, and more ability to face real world situations than I did before I trained here. I highly recommend this program.

MANDY HILSABECK  //  Massage Therapist

This program leads the region for quality Krav Maga

Self-Defense Global KC is unique for Krav Maga Kansas City - it's the place that has put all the pieces together - Self-defense, mixed martial arts including kickboxing and submission grappling, and my weapons program. 

HOCK HOCHHEIM  //  Self-Defense Pioneer and Founder of Force Necessary

The Best Time to Try Kids Martial Arts is Now!

We limit our class sizes and enrollment periods to offer the highest-quality training available anywhere. If enrollment is open, act now! If not, look for an e-mail in the near future and take advantage of one of our limited spots.

Success Jumpstart for Kids

2 Lesson Beginner's Program



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see improvements in focus, confidence, and respect - just let us know and we'll offer you a prompt refund.

Eric Siley

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