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Kansas City Anti-Bullying Classes in the News

As we enter the 2019-2020 school year, our focus is on preparing our students for academic success, making new friends, and all of the responsibilities that come with the next grade at school.

Our BullyProof! anti-bullying program teaches a martial arts-inspired way of dealing with potential bullies that has been proven to be effective without kids having to resort to fighting and getting in trouble at school. We offer our anti-bullying training in our regular martial arts classes for kids, starting at age 5.

Bullying can be a scary topic for kids, and we don't want them expecting to be mistreated by others. It is frightening as a parent to see the news stories and hear how miserable some kids can be made by bullies, but we have a training program that is fast to learn, easy to use, and teaches kids to stand up for themselves without having to use violence.

Our 45 Minute Anti-Bullying Classes Can Change a Child's Life

What are we teaching?

Responsibility - I'm responsible for the way I treat other people...and they way other kids treat me.

Honesty - With myself and others about what's really happening. 

Respect - Promising not to be abusive with my body or offensive with my mouth, or allow others to mistreat me.

Poise - I practice staying calm under pressure.

Finally, our Secret Weapon - how to bring an adult to the situation without "telling" on someone.


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