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The Fastest Way to Learn Self-Defense AND Get Fighting Fit!

There simply is no substitute for effective self-defense strategies in the face of real-world danger. And at Self Defense Global, we're offering you Kansas City's most comprehensive instruction with cutting-edge Krav Maga classes led by Black Belt Eric Siley. 

"So that one may walk in peace" - Krav Maga Founder Imi Lichtenfeld

Master the art of basic combatives, armed and unharmed threats, and strategies for law enforcement and military application.

We offer expert Krav Maga Classes because your safety matters. Do something good for yourself - invest in training that can save your life and improve your life.


Self-Defense Global Krav Maga Classes


Fast to Learn

Learn something today that can save your life tomorrow. Krav Maga is acknowledged as the fastest way to go from zero to 60 for basic self-defense. There is always more to learn, but you will build skills within weeks rather than months or years.


Authentic & Advanced

We offer basic, intermediate, and advanced training in curriculums generally taught in the U.S., AND material usually reserved in Israel to the IDF and Special Forces. Most civilian Krav Maga programs can teach a basic course - with dated material. We are the only program in the Midwest certified in Israeli SF Krav Maga, using current best practices - from Beginner to Black Belt.


Battle Tested

The only reason for Krav Maga to exist is to work. Yes, we build all of the positive character traits and physical benefits of traditional martial arts - but what we do isn't an ancient tradition. Our methods are tested and have been refined for over 70 years in a turbulent, violent environment.


Fighting Fit

There is no fitness like Fighting Fitness. When athletes from other sports and generally fit people start Krav Maga or Mixed Martial Arts, they are surprised at the intensity of conditioning, and then the improvement in cardio, balance, and coordination - especially under stress

You Are Responsible for Defending Yourself & The Ones You Love

I know something about you. You're a good person trying to do the right thing and would never want to hurt anyone. Remember the promise you made a long time ago, to never let anyone hurt you, or hurt your family?

The will to survive is instinctual. The ability to survive is learned, and self-defense is self-empowerment. We're not learning how to hurt people - we're learning how to preserve life and all the things we value most.

Either recently, or a long time ago, you had a close call - or worse. If you're reading this, you're luckier than many. It's time to do something about it. 

Please take two minutes, and try to answer these questions:

  • When is it time to FIGHT - or RUN? When are you morally and legally justified in using force? Do you have to wait until they "do something?"
  • What is the most effective way to disable an attacker?
  • How do I know I won't freeze when it's time to act?
  • How could I keep someone from taking a child right in front of me?

I have no doubt you have some of the answers, and would try to do the right thing. The problem is, in the amount of time you spent thinking just now, 99% of violent encounters would be over.  Violence is sudden, explosive, and the WORST time to learn and adapt is in an emergency.

Many people spend days, weeks, and months of training time - and thousands of dollars learning to answer these questions.

We'll cover this and more in just two weeks if you're ready - at less than half the price of taking your family or a few friends to the movies.

Try our low cost, zero risk  Krav Maga trial program now!

Try our training, and you'll see results in hours - not days, months, or years. We limit our school and class size to offer the highest quality. Trial program spaces are limited and often fill up for the week and month. Grab your spot today so you don't miss out!

Self-Defense 101

2 Lesson Krav Maga Trial & Shirt

Don't Just Take Our Word For It:

I have been a police officer for fifteen-plus years and wish this was available fifteen years ago!

“This training has truly changed my life! I have been a police officer for 15 plus years and wish this was available 15 years ago! This program will teach how to defend yourself but it will also teach you confidence and peace.

Knowing that you could protect yourself and family if needed is a great feeling..

MICHAEL SCHNEIDER  //  Police Officer

When it comes to the realistic and effective nature of the movements, along with the underlying philosophy, it's unmatched.

“Over the years, I've become increasingly convinced that we all bear a responsibility to look out for the well-being of others. With that responsibility comes the necessity of improving and protecting ones ability to respond when life is threatened.

That's where the techniques of Self-Defense Global Krav Maga win the day. I began this program and immediately understood the strengths of this system. When it comes to the realistic and effective nature of the movements, along with the underlying philosophy, it's unmatched.

Additionally, this Krav Maga system is designed to be easily taught, which has made it possible for me to train individuals, working for an international non-profit NGO, to be safe and prepared when faced with physical threats. I highly recommend this program.

DOUG RICHEY  //  Pastor & Missouri State Representative

Get the Facts, Make a Plan

Stories are important. Most of the adults who train with us have a personal story - some type of violence, some threat - some close call, that brought them to us. Stories are important, but don't show the Big Picture. Talk to a police officer - better yet, buy him or her a coffee or sandwich, and ask a few questions. Here's the kind of information you'll get:


In the U.S, there is a burglary every 18 seconds...


There is an assault every 98 Seconds


14.3% of Robberies - a surprising number - happen in the victim's own home

You'll get some good information, and the recommendation to have a plan - including training. You have a right to defend yourself, your property, your family.

Training is one of the best investments you can make - and you always have it with you. We train more first responders than any other self-defense school in the Kansas City area. These men and women put their lives on the line daily, and would do anything to try to help a citizen in need.

Often, the most the police can do is write down what happened, and promise to try to find the criminal who did it.

Your odds in winning Powerball are about one in 292 million. Your odds of being violently assaulted this year are about 1 in 1000. Think about that the next time you're at the counter buying lottery tickets!

You Deserve to be Healthy

There are the external threats, and internal threats. There is just one rule in Krav Maga: STAY SAFE.  Another way of putting it is to avoid injury. We will all have an accident at some point, or catch a bug and miss some work, but many health problems are avoidable. 

None of us wants to be added as a Crime Statistic. We should also want to avoid being a negative Health Statistic.

The data shows that in many ways, we are slowly killing ourselves through our stressful and depressed mental state, poor diet, and lack of exercise. Why is this the case?

  • 1
    The drive-through is easy - it's cheaper and more convenient to eat off the dollar menu than eating well
  • 2
    Most people have 200+ channels on TV and access to every movie ever made
  • 3
    Social media is designed the same way as slot machines and casino games
  • 4
    Sometimes life gets us down and we don't feel like doing anything before or after work
  • 5
    Many social and cultural forces are pulling you away from making healthy decisions, even though you want to do the right thing

Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you want an active lifestyle, and to try something new?

Here are some reasons you should consider getting more exercise:


There is no miracle cure for depression, but it's 25% less likely in people who exercise regularly


One in 3 deaths in this country is due to cardiovascular disease


28% of adults over 50 are inactive. Preventable diabetes numbers have skyrocketed

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Let's talk about fitness and exercise plans. The key here is plan, because you won't get fit or stay fit by accident. At least one of these will sound familiar to you:

  • I don't have time
  • I'm bored with my fitness program or don't enjoy it anymore
  • I get started, but don't reach my goal - I could use some help and support
  • In (insert year here), I was in the best shape of my life. I LOVE those old pictures...

It's not your fault, really. Krav Maga comes from the military. In the military, training is scheduled, new skills are developed and a motivated group of men and women are getting better together. A tough but fair leader is guiding less experienced soldiers or recruits through the program. 

This method works, and will work for you.

Here are just a few of the physical and health benefits you can expect:

  • A body that is LEANER AND STRONGER. We've helped take a few pounds off, and helped our students lose more than 100 pounds in under a year with our training.
  • The ability to see and hear yourself make EXPLOSIVE POWER
  • EVERY KIND OF MOVEMENT IS EASIER in day-to-day life after getting used to our High Intensity Interval Training
     due to a jumpstarted metabolism

How to Try Krav Maga or Adult Martial Arts

Everyone starts the same way, and beginners are always welcome and made to feel welcome in each and every class. We offer a low cost, low commitment, no-risk way of trying us out. Here's how to get started:



Book Your Trial online from our registration link. Enrollment is not always open. After purchasing a trial package, you'll be taken to our scheduler automatically - it's automated and easy! 


Schedule Your Class and look for free gifts from us online, and a reminder text on your first day of training.


Set and Reach a Goal. Maybe your goal is a quick, one week self-defense intensive. Maybe your goal is to get a Krav Maga certification, or even become an instructor someday. We'll listen and help you reach your goal!

Eric Siley  //  Founder & Chief Instructor

I'm a life-long martial artist. I started my training in 1986, after watching every martial arts movie I could get my hands on, and dealing with bullies.

Unfortunately, I've had to use my training in life and death situations. This led me to find the most effective training available - Krav Maga. Twenty years later, I'm one of the most experienced Krav Maga instructors in the U.S. - and regularly teach the public at my school.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, I promise to build a set of skills with you that can save and improve your life.

Eric Siley

What Others Are Saying:

This is the most refined, up-to-date self-defense system available, and everyone from a complete beginner to an instructor can get something out of this.

I have competed in MMA, kickboxing, and submission grappling. You can’t beat Krav Maga for learning self-defense quickly, but all programs are not the same.

This is the most refined, up-to-date self-defense system available, and everyone from a complete beginner to an instructor can get something out of this. I highly recommend Self-Defense Global KC.

SPENCER MOORE  //  U.S. Army - 82nd Airborne

The training is focused and realistic, the instruction is stellar, and all of it is totally worth the time and money involved.

This training has met and greatly exceeded my expectations. The training is focused and realistic, the instruction is stellar, and all of it is totally worth the time and money involved.

I have so much more strength, confidence, and more ability to face real world situations than I did before I trained here. I highly recommend this program.

MANDY HILSABECK  //  Massage Therapist

This program leads the region for quality Krav Maga

Self-Defense Global KC is unique for Krav Maga Kansas City - it's the place that has put all the pieces together - Self-defense, mixed martial arts including kickboxing and submission grappling, and my weapons program. 

HOCK HOCHHEIM  //  Self-Defense Pioneer and Founder of Force Necessary

The Best Time to Start Getting Stronger and Safer is Now!

We limit our class sizes and enrollment periods to offer the highest-quality training available anywhere. If enrollment is open, act now! If not, look for an e-mail in the near future and take advantage of one of our limited spots.

Self-Defense 101

2 Lesson Krav Maga Trial & Shirt


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Eric Siley

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