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Preschool Martial Arts

Preschool Martial Arts Program

My First Sports Activity!

We're often the first coaches our students have besides Mom and Dad. Our Tiny Champs Karate and Martial Arts for Preschoolers starts training at ages 3-4, as soon as kids are our of diapers.

We teach kids using the same methods Master Wu from Ninjago and Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles use to get small children moving, having fun, and learning basic martial arts.

Karate and Martial Arts for 3-4 Year Olds

Can 3-4 year-olds learn and train martial arts? Yes, our students learn and are excited to earn a belt strip every class. We start and end class with our Tiny Champs Student creed:

  • I'm going to do my best today!

  • I'm going to get a little better today!

  • I'm going to have fun today!

Toddler Martial Arts

Are 3 year olds really ready to train? 

For toddler martial arts, a child is out of diapers and able to separate from Mom and Dad for a few minutes at a time - while parents are close by to offer praise. Your child and our instructors will surprise you.

We are teaching martial arts basics while preparing young children for coaching in any other activity or sport.

Our activities are designed to get kids above the 80th percentile in balance, coordination, and motor control, learning how to have fun with and control our bodies.

Free Preschool Trial Program

We are re-forming Tiny Champs classes after promoting so many of our Tiny Champ 3-4 year olds to our 5-7 year old program, and are offering a limited number of free trials.

Free Preschool Martial Arts Trial:

Trial Details:

-1 Introductory Lesson with a Black Belt Instructor

-2 Tiny Champ Roundup Classes - Saturdays at 11:00am

-1 FREE Krav Kids Official Uniform ($30 value)

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